About The Owner

Lorna Moroz has worked in residential construction and renovation since 2001, translating prior carpentry training to practical effect in the Ottawa construction industry. Combined with six years of design and team management leadership in the gaming technology sector, her work both as a private contractor and as a project manager for established local business has given her the managerial and practical expertise to lead in the residential eco-construction field.

Achieving a BFA Honours degree in Theatre (York University, 1993) Lorna studied stage design and construction (carpentry), lighting design and installation, stage management, and direction. She carried these skills and experiences forward through her work on various stage productions and museum displays as a designer, installer, and technical director.

In 1994, with her first design job in the high tech field, Lorna translated her stage design experience into the digital world and trained in a variety of software packages in support of this change. She expanded upon her management and human resources experience through starting up and running creative development teams. She gained new experience in marketing generating product concepts, packaging, demonstrations, and attended trade conferences with all of these materials to sell products and services.

Starting in 1999, Lorna became an active volunteer in environmentalist activities, most notably through involvement with the Fauna Foundation, an important animal sanctuary and environmental conservatism organization based south of Montreal.

With a return to hands-on work in 2001, Lorna translated her existing theatre carpentry and lighting skills and took on a variety of jobs intended to expand her knowledge and experience base in the residential construction/renovation field. She studied materials and installation methods with suppliers; construction and installation techniques through work as a renovator; and practiced estimating and scheduling as an employee with a commercial firm, and in private contracting.

As of today, Lorna Moroz now has substantial hands-on experience in many areas of custom home construction, additions, and interior renovations. In addition, her background in management, design, customer service and marketing have all empowered her to engage in rewarding and productive client interactions, homing in on client needs and preferences, helping clients to discover the design best suited to them, and ensuring the provision of a totally satisfactory final product.

With the establishment of L. Moroz Developments in 2011, Lorna is excited and energized by this opportunity to combine her practical skills and background with a business concept that also realizes her values and enables her to actively engage in an effort to better her own community and, by extension, the larger world.