About Us

LMD is a custom residential construction and renovation company based in the metropolitan Ottawa-Gatineau region, specializing in a green perspective. We support and advance environmentally responsible and non-toxic solutions in all our projects.

This mandate encompasses: 

  • Promoting responsibly harvested, recycled, reclaimed, and non-toxic material choices.
  • Practicing healthy and environmentally conscious work methods.
  • Employing resource-efficient options to improve energy efficiency.
  • Providing affordable materials and technologies to make green living accessible and affordable to the general public.
  • Constantly seeking new and improved options to enhance our ability to achieve the above four goals.

Guiding principles:

  • Zero Home Goal: striving towards net-zero energy consumption
  • Design excellence with a clean conscience
  • Affordable green efficiency
  • Sustainable building to better our clients, our city, and our nation
  • Greener, healthier and more innovative Ottawa homes

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