Government Grants and Rebates

Another way to counter premium prices for green renovations is through available cost subsidies. Over the last decade there have been various rebate and grant programs offered through the Federal and Provincial governments that can assist property owners with renovations that increase the energy efficiency of their homes, or in replacing old appliances with new Energy Star rated models.

However, these programs are sporadically advertised, sometimes of limited time or total value for the grant, and usually limited in the range of technologies that will qualify. They also often require the homeowner to invest in advance in an energy audit (without guaranteeing a positive income for the application) or provide cost subsidies only after purchase, and without allowing advance application.

Given the lack of centralized information and various inconsistencies and hurdles raised to seeking government financial assistance, LMD can help with consulting expertise on currently available programs and their requirements in order to assist homeowners negotiating the application process.