Whether you need your bathroom to provide the retreat of a spa atmosphere, to act as an efficient cleaning space for grimy active children, or something in-between… we can help you realize an integrated design that best suits your lifestyle, and is an appealing space to live within.

Perhaps even more than kitchens, bathrooms present a unique boutique design opportunity. Through fixtures and finishes bathrooms have the potential to express a very wide style spectrum within the heart of your home. As a result, the range of choice in fixtures and finishes can get overwhelming.

We help you to focus your preferences and negotiate the process to realize the bathroom of your dreams, and one that is also best tailored exactly to your living requirements.

Given the tighter square footage of most bathrooms, they are a location where efficiency in integrated design is essential, and we pay careful attention to this when planning layout. However, bathrooms are also a space where just a little extra aesthetic investment can go a long way in creating a truly pleasing environment. With a little forethought, practicality and beauty do not have to be mutually exclusive.