We deliver elegant design, expert construction, and high-quality materials in a product custom-tailored for each client. Through our careful, considerate design and detail-oriented practices we create desirable, viable, affordable, healthy and resource-conscious alternatives to traditional tract-built homes.

LMD combines full capability for traditional construction with the added service value of alternative construction methods and materials to provide a selection of expert eco-options, large and small, to meet whatever goals and design preferences our clients present.

Design & development services include:

  • site surveys and energy assessments
  • custom design services from conceptual through to permit-ready drawings
  • assistance negotiating government services for grant applications and permit applications
  • building commissioning and LEED filing

Project management services include:

  • site preparation, organization, and ongoing project management services
  • start-to-finish building services for all aspects of construction
  • effective coordination with all special technology providers
  • quality-oriented service call support in maintaining all warrantees

Curbside Appeal

The exterior of your home, just like the interior, can become dated and worn with time. Not only that, but many older homes were not built to modern framing and insulation standards, and re-facing the exterior provides an opportunity to also upgrade the insulation envelope for great improvements in energy efficiency and comfort. By wrapping a structure with hard foam insulation before a new cladding is applied, you not only upgrade the overall R-value of the exterior walls, but you also eliminate the inefficiencies of thermal bridging between the interior and exterior.

Updating the look of your home gives you the benefit of an improved sense of style and enjoyment of your personal space, and greatly improves resale value.